Honey Badger Fundraiser!!

Posted by Hamilton Basketball Association on Jan 22 2020 at 12:59PM PST in 2019 Season
image Hey HBA Family!

We know that everyone is busy!! Please take the time to read this email to the end!

The Fundraiser with the Honey Badgers is well on its way, but to a bit of a slow start!! Wanted to remind everyone what this entails and the unique opportunity that we have.
Here’s how it works:

1. Follow your team link that was emailed to you or go here and find your team and click on the “Click here for the promo codes for all the teams!”

2. Your promo code link will take you to ticketmaster to purchase vouchers for tickets at a special HBA discount rate. (Once you purchase the vouchers, a Honey Badger Rep will contact you closer to the start of the season – first game May 8th to pick the actual games that you want to attend.) Our Honey Badger Rep can be contacted at any time if you have questions:
Chris Rodricks 905-522-BALL ext. 6

3. Promote the fundraiser by discussing with friends, neighbors, other sports teams, and forwarding the email and links, posting on social media etc. to get the same deal on tickets and support your basketball team!

Why do I want to do this??

The Honey Badgers are coming in to their 2nd season. It’s professional basketball right here in Hamilton, that is great basketball and fun to watch! You get these tickets at a discount rate special for HBA.

For each ticket that is sold through this fundraiser HBA gets $3-5 in cash directly back to the league! The fundraiser is important in keeping the HBA operating and affordable for all youth in Hamilton to play basketball.


Prize for the top selling team: Team and coaches will receive tickets for an exclusive group outing at Honey Badgers home game including watching warmups courtside and being in the fan tunnel for player entrance.
Other prizes include:
- 50 Tickets sold by team – each player on the team will receive a Honey Badgers Fan Pack
- 125 Tickets sold by team – The entire team will be invited to attend an exclusive Honey Badgers players clinic hosted at First Ontario Centre

Seriously!! How awesome would it be to have your team at First Ontario for a basketball clinic with professional basketball players!

Thanks for your time, commitment to the HBA and support as always. Now that you’ve made it through this message, click on the link, buy your tickets, no need to wait!!!!
Check out the websites:

Feel free to contact us at with any thoughts or questions.

Dan Edwards and The HBA Executive