HBA: Season Reminders

Posted by Hamilton Basketball Association on Nov 03 2019 at 08:46AM PST in 2019 Season

Dear Coaches, Players, Families and Fans,

As the 2019-2020 HBA season is now in full swing, we wish to offer some friendly reminders.

As you may know, the HBA’s mission statement is:

To foster, promote and teach basketball within all areas of Hamilton. To provide the opportunity for individuals to participate fairly, regardless of ability. To further the development of a player’s basketball skills. To develop and encourage sportsmanship, community spirit and good fellowship among all participants. To improve a participant’s physical, mental and social well being. The HBA is committed to providing sound leadership for all participants, as well as a wholesome environment, experience for personal growth and team play, and an opportunity for fun and physical exercise.

We expect the following of all members of the HBA:

• Please do your best to arrive at all practices and games on time and ready to participate
• Remember that while sometimes it’s hard to agree with a referee’s call, they are only human and sometimes miss things. We need to respect their decision. The referees are there to control the game.
• The scorekeepers are working hard each week to do a tough job. If the scorekeepers miss a point, the coaches and/or referees will approach the table respectfully. Spectators and players should not be intervening.
• Cheering is welcome but kindly refrain from calling out anything but encouragement. Remember, that is someone’s child on the court. If someone is calling out something inappropriate, they may be asked to leave the gymnasium.
• The players look up to their coaches and assistant coaches. Please set the tone and be a good example to your team. You are instrumental in shaping them; they will remember you and what you taught them. So teach them well.
• The HBA does not condone swearing and “trash-talking” by anyone. Please be respectful.
• In the event of unsportsmanlike behaviour, there are consequences. This applies to all members of the HBA, including players, coaches, families and fans. For a complete description of the HBA’s discipline policy, please go and click on the documents tab.
• At the end of the day, it’s just a game. While winning feels great, losing is not so bad when there is great teamwork by all. You can’t replace good sportsmanship.
• Finally, let’s all work together to provide each player the opportunity to experience personal growth and team play in a wholesome, positive and safe environment.

As always, we wish to thank you all for your participation in the HBA! Let’s have some fun!

Dan Edwards and the HBA Executive